We provide consultancy in Molecular Modelling, Computational Chemistry, Cheminformatics, Data Science and AI. With several years experience in pharmaceutical industry, both in large pharama and CROs, we are experts in applying modern computational chemistry methods for lead generation and optimization. We stay on top of the current computational chemistry techniques, incubate them and apply it for our clients.

Based in Hertfordshire in the UK, we collaborate with drug discovery institutions which vary from biotech, big-pharma, academic and not-for-profit. We provide a flexible working model for collaboration with our partners by either working remotely or at customer site.

We perform large scale computations using Azure cloud infrastructure. Our range of services include

  • Hit to Lead and Lead optimization support
  • Compound library enumeration and design
  • Virtual screening
  • Predictive modelling and QSAR
  • High-Throughput screening analysis
  • Structure and Ligand based drug design
  • Cheminformatics and Webservice development
  • Database design

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